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About Hope Faith Miracles

Hope Faith Miracles was a long awaited dream for Kristian Alfonso who plays Hope Brady on the hit NBC soap "Days of our Lives." For years Kristian had received letters, emails and calls to NBC asking about the jewelry that she was wearing that particular day.

One day she was shopping with her sister Lisa and was approached by a woman on the street who asked "Where can I get your jewelry?" Kristian's response was that she had that particular piece made in Italy and that it was not a piece that was offered in any store.

It was at that time when her sister turned to her and said "Are you convinced that everyone loves your jewelry designs?" It was then when Kristian made the decision to enter the world of jewelry designing.

How the name Hope Faith Miracles came about was derived from Kristian's love of the Fleur de lis. At an early age Kristian’s elegant mom Joanne had introduced her to what has over the years become her trademark.

Hope Faith Miracles opened its' doors on November 7, 2006 and thanks to our loyal friends across the country (Canada and Australia too!) has grown from the original ten Fleur de lis pieces to hundreds of designs. 

In November 2016, William Jobbins a person, known to Kristain and her partner(cousin) Linda, with over 55 years of jewelry expertise in Sales, Marketing and Manufacturing of fine jewelry purchased Hope Faith Miracles from Kristian and her cousin. William has continued the dream with the Fleur de Lis as the center piece of the jewelry brand and introducing new collections of high fashion top quality Sterling jewelry as the brand progresses into 2020s.

Through out it all the key focus remains the same "the philosophy of the Fleur de Lis where the stem symbolizes HOPE, while the two petals represent FAITH and MIRACLES. This enduring symbol inspired our name and continues to inspire our jewelry."

Do you have the Hope and the Faith to Believe in Miracles.