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How to Stack Rings like a Pro!

Rock the Trend: Stacked Rings

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How to Stack Rings like a Pro

The concept of layering and stacking may seem easy, there is a distinct art to stacking that is not always easy to master. When it comes to jewelry, mastering the art of stacking rings is all about creating a look that expresses your personal style. Learn to rock this trend by experimenting with new shapes, mixing & matching colors and textures, while placing your older staple pieces to shine along with the new.ers.

Style Around an Anchor: Whether it’s your wedding ring, engagement ring, or a class ring, there’s no rule that says they have to go solo. Use your staple rings as a foundation to build your stack! Here is how to style your stack based on your personality:

The minimalist: Focus on wearing midi rings, wearing 1-2 on each hand. For a little variety, partner each statement ring with a delicate one.

The middle-grounder: Use triangle placement to balance out your stack’s look. Keep your middle finger the focal point by using a thinner ring in the middle. If you want to spice up your look then place a power stack of 2-3 rings on your middle finger for a bold statement.

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The more-is-better: Use your staple rings as a base and style your other midi and statement rings around them by using the triangle placement. Add delicate rings to the base of your pinkies and the top of your ring fingers to finish off the look!

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Experiment with new Shapes: Add in thick bands or a crisscross ring for variety. Look for shapes that complement one another. For example. Placing a v-shaped ring on the same finger as a triangle ring will provide you with that seamless stacked look.

Keep it Delicate: Layer several thin bands at once or go for the Hope Faith Miracles double band look. Thinner rings are perfect for stacking since they can rest at the base of your finger or styled as a midi ring. You can also use thinner rings to bookend a statement piece to provide some balance!

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Mix & Match: If you’d like to keep things interesting mix & match smooth stacker rings with textured options like the Hope Faith Miracles vine stacker ring. This will provide your power stack with more dimension and variety. You can also mix and match metals by balancing your rose gold and yellow gold pieces and sprinkling in a hint of silver. Adding different stone colors can give you a vibrant and fun look.



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