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You were here in KC and I missed it ...I love all of your stuff and you. BEEN WATCHING FOR OVER 25 YEARS!
Michele Cohlmia Nelson
I bought a beautiful necklace and go to the Nutcracker Market every year. I sure hope you return to Houston next year.
Gretchen Friend Kannarr
I met her today and she designed a beautiful look for me! She is as beautiful in person as she is on TV and she has a great sense of style. I enjoyed my once in a lifetime experience to spend that time with her.
Cynthia McTigue McGowen
I met her too! She is even more beautiful in person! Beautiful jewelry too!
Sherry Hargrove Honore
I met her today too, really nice. I love the earrings I bought!
Leisha Medina
I met her today, and she is so sweet and gorgeous!!! Thank you Kristian for the beautiful bracelets. :)
Wendy Martinec Pierce
I went to the Houston Nutcracker yesterday and went by Kristian's booth just to see Kristian (Hope) and ended up purchasing two pieces that I am so excited to take back to Lubbock, Tx and show them off with true pleasure! I was not only impressed with her jewerly line, but with her own personal touch in sharing her design ideas! Kristian has a sincerity about her that was not expected. She spent quality time with my friend and I about how to wear the different pieces and what looked good together and what did not! Kristian's jewelry ended up being the most valued purchases that I bought yesterday! I am thrilled I took the time to stop and really look at her jewelry instead of stopping to just look at her! She is a beauty...inside and out!
Christy Livermore Hogan
Had a wonderful time meeting you & truly love the cross necklace I bought . Thank you also, for being so gracious to pose for a picture. Hope to see you next year.
Jane Jones Bultman
It was great meeting you tonight! I love the scroll necklace and shimmering elegance! It is so lightweight and everyone loves it!
Susan Monroe Orman
It was amazing to meet you! Thank you for helping me pick out my pieces! They are all beautiful!
Andrea Godwin Davis
Kristian, It was a pleasure meeting you. Can't wait to see you and your beautiful jewelry again. I love my ring and everyone that has seen it loves it too. Take Care.
Janice Atwood
I had a great time as well. It was so nice to meet you. I love the necklace, earrings and bracelet I purchased. They all go together perfectly!
Maria Salpistidis
It was such a fun day! I love my new jewelry! Thanks for coming to KC!!!
Jenny Kumm
Thank you Kristian for your graciousness. Meeting you was an honor, as I have watched Days my whole life. Hope and Bo are my favorites, and you are my favorite actress. Now— the jewelry is amazing! I bought a couple pieces and have my eye on, well, most everything else-LOL.
Thank you for signing my script, you are such a beautiful person.
Tami Pierce Rod Hollerich
You have the most beautiful jewelry.. I have almost all your pieces...
Rachel Levy Flandrau
Kristian...loved seeing you in person this weekend in KC!! You are beautiful! Love my multicolored braclet and can't wait to show it off! Your jewelry is amazing!!
Cary Hall Moody
The Silver 'Fleur de lis Drop Earrings' are my favorite! I have seen you wear them for years on DOOL & now I get to have a pair of my own! Thank you for the incredible, but affordable jewelry=)
Angie Shaffer
I have the Fleur de lis earrings & Fleur de lis Drop earrings. I love them both. I hope to order more in the future Oh I also have the wooden braclets. Thank you for such beautiful jewelry.
Linda Newsome
I love the Fleur de Lis Drop Earings I bought today at the Nutcracker Market. Thanks!
Leisha Medina
Enjoyed meeting you at Mistletoe Marketplace! Love our new jewelry.
Jona Boone
It was so nice to meet you at the Mistletoe Market in Jackson, MS..It is not everyday that you get to meet the person your father named you after. He named me Andrea Hope 25 yrs ago cause he was a die hard fan of Days of Our Lives. I purchased the Hope necklace today and cant wait to show it off.
Andrea Calton Weems
So nice to meet you this weekend, Kristian and Linda! Wanted to share with you my wonderful story! Early this morning, I put on my new Fleur-de-Lis earrings that I bought from you yesterday afternoon and went to start the day for our family. I had lost my wedding band a few weeks ago, my daughter was playing with it.... I stood in the kitchen, prayed hard for a sign of where the ring might be, and a little nagging thought showed up to look under the fridge. I looked under there, saw a small glimmer of silver and used a broom handle to scoot out what was under there... it was my ring!!! Thank you for reminding to believe. I was recently laid off while on maternity leave from a high-profile medical sales position and it has really hit hard. I am going to continue to wear these earrings, and maybe I will find another one soon even in this tough economy! I will buy the layering crystal necklace that you tried on me to celebrate!!! Feel free to use my story for any one wavering on whether to purchase one of your magical pieces! Let me know if you want a rep... I did very well!
Jennifer Claar
I just purchased my first piece of jewelry from your collection at the Junior League of KC. It was pleasure meeting you and seeing that you are such a nice, funny, and down to earth person !!! It was the funniest thing to see you delete items from my friends phone. No worries...I will not be posting an pictures ! Looking forward to purchasing other pieces of jewelry.
Sophia Behrman
It was great seeing you in KC and buying a necklace from you. I love watching you and Bo on Days.. I hope you get back together soon, but a little variety is always nice.
Katie Edelblute
Kristian, it was a pleasure meeting today at the Holiday Mart in Overland Park Kansas. I love my earrings, just wish I could have afford the necklace that went with them. You are a such a sweet lady and darling personality..."Diana"
Diana Manzella Walz

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